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Made more progress on the game, polishing, adding in and designing player skins, adding in a new elusive mode which becomes unlocked on completing the standard mode, adding more menu options in and breaking up the options menu into more related segments.

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I have made a vast amount of progress in the last week with ReversE since my last update, I have added in an "ending" to the standard mode, which on completion will unlock a new elusive game mode, feel free to speculate on what it may be!

There will also be big updates in the near future coming for the new game mode but the general ideas for it have been thought out and are in the stages of being built. I have also started the planning stages for the first themed content which will be called the Winter Wonderland theme pack for ReversE. It will see new puzzles, assets, textures and sounds as well as new music too. I have also composed another track for the game in the previous week which I will upload very soon to both my soundcloud and IndieDB.

19/35 unlockable player skins have been designed and put into the game as well as the system to unlock them. I have also improved the standard of the web buttons and made sure they all link now as I was told the link to my website was broken. So applied a few fixes there!

Polished a couple of the puzzles in levels to balance for difficulty and will continue to do so through many playthroughs in the next week or so, I want to ensure I am delivering a highly polished, well made product as an initial base for expansion and further tweaking!

There is currently a problem with playing the game demo in WindowsXP I think this is due to the reason that I exported the windows demo as an X86-X64 bit version from Unity3Ds exporter so I will see if I can rectify this and get a game demo out that works with XP, really sorry for those of you who have not been able to play yet, my sincerest apologies!

Progress has generally gone well with the game over the last week and I still think I will be on track to get the 14th Dec as the publication date, but I am not making it official yet as I will be unable to work on the game tomorrow and I am unsure if I am going to get stuck in snow at some point!

What is left to do?

As I have mentioned I still need to make 14 player skins, I was also thinking about including some bonus skins to give the player a choice from the get go, although its nice to play in the standard skins at first but more skins = more choice! I would be more than happy to accept submissions from other users for skins and would give you a full mention in the game/skin selector part of the game if you had a design you would like in! If you do please either send me a PM here or contact me through twitter/email or usual channels!

Music - Got another 7 planned tracks to write for the standard mode in the game. This total will be added to with some wintery themed music planned, expect sleigh bell, jingly bell themed tones for Winter Wonderland pack!

Stats - Not touched statistics yet but half a days work will see me add in a Deaths/Times Spiked/Times Fell off counter and also aiming to put in an overall playtime counter. If I am pushed for time these will be added in Winter Wonderland pack!

Polish - Still need to run a big playthrough test and burn test of the game in the next few days to catch any last minute issues.

I am currently snowed under (bad pun) with the game work at the minute so if you like the project and get a minute to, please pass the page link on to all your friends and spread the word about ReversE! I am privileged to be able to bring you something which I feel is becoming special and would love to get my game out far and wide to everybody. I can't thank everybody who has checked the game out already, tried the demo's and supported me to date enough and I look forward to keep being able to surprise you all in new ways and keep giving you something really special to look forward to!

Will update again very soon with more news!

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