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Made some progress on the sound today, most of the game sounds have been added in, a little tweak and mixing is needed for some of them. The UI is working as it should be for the independent volume sliders!

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Today I have made some progress in regards to adding sound to the game. Now the objects such as turnstyles, spike traps, doors and moving platforms all have their sound added and the UI sliders for the volume controls for them are hooked up to a working standard!

I still need to adjust some of the sounds to get them a little better in the mix as some can be quite harsh/too soft. I am still yet to add in sounds for the sliding doors that are triggered by buttons yet but hopefully there will be enough time to put them in the demo! As a contingency for this I may have to release them without sound for the demo for now and patch the demo as I continue to work as I would like to launch the demo on here within the next 24 hours!

I have to make a few little adjustments to some scripts as well as implementing the sound controls in has unearthed a few bugs with the game (better to catch them now!)

Once again I am overwhelmed at the support and interest I have received so far and am thankful to each and every person who has viewed the game on IndieDB! Keep tuned for the demo announcement!

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