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The Trap 2 Mindlock tells the story of an alien that participates in an experiment to research the nature of human survival. The player’s consciousness will be implanted into the minds of people and subjects to that they control through a series of ingenious experiments based on solving puzzles.

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Details of the plot and game s:

- The action takes place in a vast underground complex in which the aliens are testing human nature and various weapons, in preparation of their enslavement of Earth.
- The main protagonist of the mod is an alien with the ability to implant its consciousness into people's minds and control them;
- The player is on the side of the invaders i.e. all the subjects are the enemies;
- The Player's goal is to help his fellow alien to test weapons and human capabilities for the successful enslavement of Earth;
- There will be additional missions;
- To initiate additional missions, the player must leave the body temporarily and infiltrate the mind of another subject;
- Subjects who are trying to escape can be punished by the player;
- Unlike The Trap, which contain elements of humour, Mindlock will be more serious and elements of horror.

Some details about puzzles and shooting sections:

- The main innovation is the gravity gun;
- The difficulty of the puzzles in comparison to The Trap v1.5 does not change;
- Pieces of wire can be lost or broken during missions;
- Some types of wires can be inserted and removed many times;
- There will be shootouts with humans;
- Some headcrabs can crawl on walls.

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Looks super good! I'm quite interested in this mod. Definitely have to play The Trap 1 as soon as possible.

Best of luck ;)

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- Some headcrabs can crawl on walls.

well, damn.

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