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"How Far Can You Go?" has been revived from its 20 month death! Prepare for new updates, music, art, and more information soon.

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After 20 months of waiting for a full release, the Developer (me) has decided, after nearly abandoning this project on the 20th month, to continue fixing up levels and the difficulty spikes, and everything else that has been a problem over the last few times people have said about it.

I plan on fixing the game up to make it more enjoyable, and I've even typed my own code for the character movement, which will make the gameplay MUCH MORE FUN and SMOOTH.

Other fixes will be coming soon, so stay tuned and follow the game!
On the other hand, try to survive with those extreme levels in the mean time~

Also, there is a surprise but I will not mention what...not at this point ;) so stay tuned

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