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I've been rehauling the code for the inventory and implementing some very useful features. One that I am especially happy with is new data representation as JSON scripts. Each item in the game can be created through a JSON script and at launch it will be inserted into the game.

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An early prototype of my item JSON script looks like this:

	"id": 0,
	"quantity": 20,
	"name": "WoodPile",
	"spriteFileName": "C:\Users\Fuad\Documents\Manchu Games\Rise of the Living\Assets\Art\UI\PNG\WoodIcon.png",	
	"iconSpriteName": "WoodIcon",
	"gameModel": "Logs",
	"description": "A pile of logs",
	"category": "construction",
	"modifiers" : [
		"hunger": 0,
		"stamina": 0,
		"health": 0,
		"fear": 0

Basically, this script tells the manager to load in the image at the path and assign it the name provided. An item template is generated from the script that is used in loot containers and anywhere in the game. Currently you can only dynamically load an icon image but I'm thinking of expanding to add in loading 3D models as well.

I'm hoping to wrap up this work and finish off the new inventory that will allow equipping weapons and items to consume. I'm trying to find a way to setup the UI that will be fast to use. I'm gonna forgo drag and drop because its slow. I will go with right click and function key presses to navigate easily. This means to equip a weapon, you will just right click on it. It will work the same way to unequip things too. This just seems faster in my opinion and could mean the difference between life and death in the game.

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