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The Newest Developer Blog of Resident Evil Valiant closing into Finish.

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Hello Ladies and Gentleman

Today we come with another Developer Blog about the Latest Changes and Upcoming Release.

First of all we Implemented new Custom Fonts to all Areas of the Game.

and a new Sprite Graphic Item Pickups

Flying Blood and Body Parts in HD that Spray over a large Area.

and now for the Special....

The Raccoon City Police Department done by a Moddb user for our Project

When can we Expect a Alpha Release?

as soon as the Models and the Last level are Finished.

Now what are we Currently Looking For?

- 1x Mapper

Experienced in J.A.C.K or Valve Hammer polishing a bit stuff and Creation of the Last Level the Main Umbrella Lab (with possible Knowledge of the RE Games would be nice else Screens/Videos can be submitted)

- 1x Modeller

knowledge of Blender or 3DSMAX or Similar tools Converting all Weapons to different hands, removing part from a weapon and Fixing a few models with new Bones

- 1x Coder

HIGH Knowledge of C++ AND the Goldsource Engine, while the code is 100% Finished its missing a Feature i though "nice to have" the "losing body parts" Feature from BrainBread or Brutal Half Life, thats all.


Looking good, but yeah it needs a bit more polish.

Keeping an eye out for this one.

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Damn, this looks guuud! Keep it up!

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Opinion: I think the lights need more effects, details.

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as a fan of resident evil, i love the work, but id recommend after finishing maps, make them a bit darker, give it that creepy atmosphere...

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Heffernan Author

yup, will try :)

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This is coming along nicely, I think! :)

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Looks amazing! It brings back so many memories.

I agree with the guy above, a little darker would look a bit nicer. While the original game had terrible lighting and sharply dark corners, I think you can achieve the same effect by giving some textures a darkened version and use them for the ceiling corners. Especially in the "Offices" in the last picture.

Am I correct in assuming that last picture has a place holder for the floor texture? I recall it being green carpet...

I'd also like to point out the yellow-hue to the 2nd floor near the STARS office. It looks a little strange with the yellow lighting.

Keep the updates coming guys!

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