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Melan and Bikerdude have optimized, beautified, and enhanced the Christmas Contest winning mission "Return to the City"

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Return to the City Re-Release

Return to the City (Re-Release !)


Back among these old walls again, it seems. The alleyways and courts beckon, the smells and flickering lights

the same as ever. Have I been away so little that I remember them all?

No matter. This time, my objective once more brings me to the Builders: one of their workshops has recently received a shipment

of potent explosives... Although inert before it is treated with a volatile compound, there is bound to be a mechanician who

will pay a good price for the lot.

That settles my agenda for the night. I must be careful, since the Builders aren't known to be lenient with trespassers...

and if they knew it was the same fellow who had already paid them a visit... but best not dwell on trivialities. I have found

a way to the street where the storehouse is located, and hid myself next
to the south gate. If I am unable to open it from inside

when I am done, I may just have to find another way out.

It is an hour before midnight. Time to go.."

Build Time:

3 months.


Huge respect to the Dark Mod team for such a great mod and for all the hard work they put into it and continue to put into it.

Special thanks to Fidcal, Serpentine and others for their help on the forums. Melan for making the original map and putting up

with my constant tweaking, the beta testers: Serps, Grayman, nbohr1more, , NewHorizon, 7upMan and others who did an awesome job.

Known issues:-

# This mission will have less than optimal fps at a few points on the map - you have been warned!

# On low end PC's I recommend, V-sync is off, AA is off, Aniso is 4x or
lower and that "Ambient rendering" & "interaction shader" are set to
their lowest settings.

If you could not play this mission before due to it's extreme performance requirements, you should be pleasantly surprised by this release (in spite of the above warning).


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