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Another update on new features coming with Version 1.0.

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Return of Shadow

More Systems Update

More new features coming.

Home Heroes

Coming with 1.0 is the new Home Heroes.
Every faction will start off with a new Home Hero a hero that stays and protects your main camp.These heroes can't be controlled and don't level up normally.
Instead you upgrade them from the new Home Hero menu they have a total of 4 levels with each level unlocking a new skill, skills like Leaderships, debuffs and weapon upgrades.
Some factions will be getting a new hero for this purpose while others will have heroes changed to fill this role.
For instance Mordor will get Mouth of Sauron who debuffs enemies and causes fear, while Gondor gets Denethor.
Bombur will be joining Erebor as its Home Hero with Bilbo taking his place in the Spell.
Lindir will sing and serve Imladris while the Lady's maiden Bruiwen will aid Lorien.
Arame will defend Dunland's base.
Uldor for Rhun and Turkash for Harad.
Dunhere will defend Rohan.

Bolster Army

A new War Upgrade is being added to every faction called Bolster Army.
This War Upgrade expands your CPL as long as your Home Hero is on the field.

New Upgrades

Many units will be getting new upgrades for Version 1.0.
3 new unit upgrades will be added for your standard units.
Spar Training improves Infantry units defences against Slash and Pierce damage.
Bloodlines improves the health and movement speed of Cavalry.
Marksmanship improves range and accuracy of Archers.

Other upgrades will be added for some factions like Lebethron Staves for Gondor to improve the Ithilien Spearmen.

Unit Skills

A lot of units will also be getting some new skills.
These skills will go to mid game and later units (like Caras Galadhon Guardians).

Some examples:

Ithilien Rangers: Volley mode - Rangers switch to firing en masse for a time.
Ithilien Warriors - Abandon Caution - +200% damage -80% armour for a time.
Mithlond Guards: - Endure - boost armour for a short time and autoheal for a time.

Another cool one is when a gate is destroyed nearby Ungol Troopers gain a speed and armour boost for a short time allowing them to rush in to breached base.


After some consideration and some work I've decided that Dale will be shipping with Version 1.0 which means all factions will be included.

I'm working on updating the tech tree for Dale at the moment and working on some ideas.

Dale is more than just a Dale faction it covers the expanses of Rhovanion so there'll be units from Dale, Laketown, the Carnen River region as well as the Woodmen of Mirkwood and Beornings.
The faction will be led by the valorous King Brand and he'll be aided by Bard, Grimbeorn and the King's vassals Vidugavia, Mikilfang and Radsvirr.


I've been working on all kinds of stuff and giving a lot of thought to creating the biggest and best battles possible.

I've also been working on updating every portrait in the game improving the look and making them uniform to the ROS theme.

Denethor defends the Gondor base.

New FX for Sapper Training.

Updated look for the Lorien Castle

Edhellond Cristgyl

Mouth of Sauron spreads doubt.


Excellent progress! It's great to see you adding more and more original ideas to this visionary mod. Keep it up!

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love it

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