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Status report from your friendly neighbourhood Radspakr. Beta plans, back story and Strongholds.

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Return of Shadow

Back from Valinor or where ever

So since I've been back for a couple weeks I should probably explain what's happening with Return of Shadow.
Two weeks ago I decided to install BFME again for the first time since retiring and changing to new (at the time) computer.I played a quick game of my against bots with Dunland while I had fun I started thinking like most modders and saw things to fix. Next thing I know I was back at work fine tuning the work I had left unfinished last year (it took quite a while to recover all the files from my old laptop since the mod dev files are around 16gb).
My first goal was to work on the stuff left unfinished from my work towards Beta 0.2 which was mostly Dunland and Rivendell.Most of those changes were rolled out in Beta 0.17 and 0.175.With only 2 things really left for Dunland and only a few things left for Rivendell.

Since I usually only have 1 hour of high speed internet a day I can only manage 200mb file uploads in that time.

Also since it's public internet I can't set up the torrent this time although I am considering finding a work around for these limitations.

Since I've been gone for almost a year some of my testers and staff have moved on to new things leaving me a bit short handed.

The big change is my main 3d guy DIGI_Byte has moved onto different things and will be unlikely to be contribution much going forward.
This does impact on somethings since it was DIGI who would usually make the more elaborate structures and part kits I work with like the Orc weapons, Elf gear and so on.
So there'll probably be a bit more kit bashing using the assets I've currently got.


In an effort to streamline things I've decided to combine the Deep and Dol Guldur factions into the new faction Strongholds (Holds for short).
This faction is made up of about 70% Deep and 30% Dol Guldur.
The Deep count for the weaker units, cavalry and trolls while Dol Guldur is the stronger units, Olog Hai and Heroes.

The Strongholds faction has a good spread of various unit types from the weak Goblin units to the stronger soldiers of Dol Guldur.
The faction also has various evil creatures such as the Warg Riders, Great Spiders, Cave and Stone Trolls as well as the powerful Olog Hai.

I'm also looking into the next possible faction after Rivendell with a few factions as good candidates.


Great news.

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It is good to hear that nice news from you.I want to ask something in my mind.As I remember gandalf was summon hero and he was quite weak.Can you change him as permanent hero and make stronger?Also Sauron was weak.I think he must be strong as summoning balrog in vanilla bfme.Not only against units or heroes but also against structures.And of course that selection bugs for some units.Yeah you said that I fixed most of them.But it is annoying even if there is still a bit selection bugs in mod.Can you fix all of them please :)

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Welcome back.

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