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It's December while there's a good deal of Hohohoing,Falalaing and Eggnog there's something missing: Beards. Time to rectify that

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Return of Shadow

Return of Shadow Beta 0.25

It's December and I come back to you at the turn of the yuletide while the Elves are making toys the Dwarves are making war.
Erebor is coming in Beta 0.25


Erebor marches

The Dwarves of Erebor are hardy and grim they are the strongest fighters in Middle-Earth.
Erebor excels in infantry units with various types of heavy infantry units making up for their lack in Cavalry, Stealth and limited ranged units.
When you want a heavy duty faction that can dish out as much pain as they take Erebor is your best option.
They also excel at taking down enemy bases thanks to their strong Siege weapons and spells.
Their ultimate spell Undermine deals heavy damage to structures and weakens their armour which can be used right in the enemy base makes for a powerful opener to an assault.

This is a slightly less complete version of Erebor than originally planned with some stuff cut from the current version since they're incomplete.
For now the Unfinished Quest spell is only summoning 2 of the 3 groups (Thorin's and Bombur's), there's no Stonemason or Armoured Turtle Ram.
But they do get a bonus in a guest building in the form of the Dale Barracks where you can train the Dale Warriors and Dale Bowmen.
They are standard units unlocked from the Dale spell they make for a good cheap alternative to the Erebor Defenders.

Fiefdoms of Gondor

The Rad day release was a special release to celebrate my birthday since the view of Fiefdoms seems to be generally positive with no major bugs I'll be keeping them in going forward making them an official faction.
I'll be updating them as I go and looking for feedback going into Beta 0.25 so make sure to post any bugs and balance issues you find for the Fiefdoms over on the forums.

Dwalin fights

Dain fights off overwhelming odds

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this all looks very promising.

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