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This mod has been seemingly dead for a while. Not entirely true, I have been working on the mod for a while, just haven't been updating the page.

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As stated in the summary, I've been working on ideas, models, story and other stuff for this mod while it seemed dead to the public. Most of it has been rejected or redone entirely while some just got a little polished and others unchanged.

The mod is going to be done as a fleet mod now, eliminating glitchy ground units from the past that nearly made me give up on the mod before. Currently I am working on getting the Iron Wolves Empire faction up and fully playable. When that is done, I will probably start a semi-open public testing with the people from the StarCraft modding community and a few friends.

Hopefully I will actually finish it this time and if I don't, I will hope I at least have the decency to say that I won't be finishing it for a while. I plan to finish this mod some day, just not sure when I actually will.

Again using that word, hopefully before the end of the college semester, I will have something for those who are still tracking/watching this mod then to actually play.

I doubt I'm going to run a website for the mod, if anything I'll probably talk to the admin of Campaign Creations and have him host the mod if possible. Time will tell.

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