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Hello to all! Today I am with very good news! And so, let's get started...

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Hello to all!

Today I am with very good news! And so, let's get started. After a long period of silence, I want to inform you - Factory Invasion is back! And so, briefly go over the main:

1. Complete abandonment of Trinity Render
Refusing Trinity was a very difficult decision for me, but I did it all the same, and there was only one reason - instability. Yes, the Trinity picture is generally very, very good, but sacrificing the stability of a mod for graphics is stupid.

2. Innovations in gameplay and graphics
I want to say right away - there will be a lot of them, I will not reveal all the cards in advance. In general, today I wanted to show you all my achievements, but ... some force majeure happened, which I will not discuss (in short - I do not have my client.dll and hl.dll, and the source code is badly damaged). But take my word for it - the picture will be very pleasant, and the gameplay is very interesting and hardcore.

3. The mod concept has changed a lot
He became more meaningful, complex, interesting. It has grown from a thoughtless shooter like Quake or Doom into something more like the Half-Life we ​​all know.

4. Exit Lines
The mod will be released in early access around the end of 2020, maybe a little later, here is how it goes.
Well, here are a few screenshots of the very first map in the modification (by the way, this map is 70% ready):


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