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So, it is time for a new update. The game is really evolving great at the moment and I have more ideas than time to include them in the game.

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The first thing I want to show you, this time is a bunch of completely new leveltiles. They will be for the third level in the game, the vulcano. But this time it is inactive and the inside look more like a cave.

Up next I have some new enemiesprites for you. However that is not all, I actually made a complete new type of enemy, some big and heavy ones who walk really slow. Up to this point, there a three different types of enemies. This time they really behave different and not just look different like in the original XBLIG version.

At last I want to show you a first screenshot of the first cutscene. Of course it does make more sense if I would show you some footage but let us wait with that till it is completely done.

That´s it for this time. About that alphdemo... All I can say at the moment is that I am really getting closer to a playable build that I would like to share with you all, just give me a little bit more time.


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