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Updated the GUI and lighting in Retool to make it easier to understand for new players.

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This week I have worked on updating the GUI and lighting. The GUI and lighting I was using was mainly for test purposes. I have now updated them so the game is easier to understand and better to look at.

The GUI now gives the player cues when they can press a button to do an action, such as pick up item or interact with an electronic item. The GUI has also been updated when hacking. It gives the player more information, such as currently highlighted device what the output is, and what the new output can be. Below is a screenshot comparison between the old GUI and the new GUI.

I have updated the lighting by making its intensity strength weaker. I have also added new shaders to the player model and started using some post-processing effects on the camera. I am still not satisfied with how it looks, but it is much better than before. Below is a screenshot comparison between the old lighting and the new lighting.

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