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ReThink got a sequel with completely reworked gameplay, it's now on Greenlight.

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ReThink | Evolved is a first person puzzle game based on the idea behind ReThink, but with completely reworked gameplay and additional features.

ReThink | Evolved on Greenlight

- Completely reworked gameplay (More freedom for the player, less clunky mechanics)
- ~70 Puzzles (planned, currently done: 50)
- Enhanced visuals
- additional gameplay elements
- new puzzle types

*The Trailer contains placeholder assets (like the "light bridges"), visuals of the game are not final (they will be better on release), everything is subject to changes.
Puzzles are also not final, these are "first versions" that have not been balanced yet, they are just to show off what it will be like.

Music by: Jamie Pidge

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