The project has been broth back too life (this knowledge i inherited from Sati-sama).Anyhow i'm quite thrilled about this announcement myself

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So to begin with,i have no clue how far can this project get this time,personally i hope that there will be at least one playable version of it available for everyone.


Now that we're off with skeptical part,i'm proud to announce the new member of the developement team (actually he pushed me to get back on work):
cheva_300 ~ Our expert Landscape Designer

Together i hope we can make a difference and reach the final goal

Apart from that,i'll have to try and reassemble the audio team that was gathered before,plus still search for more voice actors,and a programmer


Now as a bonus to the today's event i'd like to reveal all secrets for the Halloween demo i've made last year (although it's really nothing that special):
F1 - Help
F2 - Time freeze
WASD - Directional Movement
Mouse X/Y - Camera Orbit
Mouse Left Click - Moving Upwards
Mouse Right Click - Moving Downwards
Ctrl (hold) + Mouse Left Click - Zoom In
Ctrl (hold) + Mouse Right Click - Zoom Out
Middle Mouse - Reset PassPhrase (in case you mistyped or something be sure to press it before retyping)
Shift (hold) + HALLOWEEN (Type all the letters - you'll see some feedback in the left down corner) - Surprise (inspired by Kingdom Hearts) [don't worry if typed correctly you Will notice it]

Spread the news,having a bigger community means possible team members and higher levels of enthusiasm for the developers to improve their workflow and the final creation's quality

Updates (screens) every Thursday and Sunday

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