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Yes this game is getting resurrected i moved on to another game with different username, now coming back i see how many people visited this game and how many watchers i have. I am way more experience than before.

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To put it simple i have a new method of building, now as for the website Abydos-3d-models is down the domain has expired and i do not have the money to return it. Instead i will make a facebook page at a later date, also some of game features will be removed and multiplayer mode will maybe added after the game is finished, the road is vary long as i am working on When Earth Falls, also i am working alone if anyone wants to join feel free to send me an email:

I need people who are willing to work for free and will be rewarded at a later date after game release.
I need Animators, character designers and clothing modelers and scripters to work on both projects. Feel free to send me your portofolios on the email above

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