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Resuming the work on the mod. I know that it's been a while but I'm back.

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Hi everyone, I didn't post anything about the mod for a while so here is some news:

I'm going to resume working on the mod

So let's talk about the progress of the mod:

Europa Alliance (USA): Almost done 90%

All the alpha buildings are done

Some of the units are done

Asian Empire (China): 30~40%

Some of the alpha buildings are done (Command Center & Nuclear Reactor)

Some of the units are done

One of the Major units is done it's:

The Iron Dragon:


African Warlords: 10~20%

Some of the alpha buildings are done (Command Center & Windmill: The windmill is a GLA power producing structure)

The Windmill:

GLA Windmill

The AWL (GLA) now produce and use power

No unit is done yet

Planning to give the AWL (GLA) an Airfield & Air Units

The Generals: Didn't start working on them yet

Planning to give every General a

unique Command Center:

(Still working on the Tank General Command Center)


Planning to give the Toxin General:

Underground Generator:

Underground Generator

Changed the Main-Menu Layout

Half way through changing the themes of the factions (control bars, logos, etc)

Changed the shell map (the map that plays in the Main-Menu)

(All the models aren't final might get changed)

Wait for me for new updates and news.

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