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A brief summary of why I haven't worked on the mod, and what's to come.

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First off, I apologize to those following the mod, I haven't had a lot, or any time lately since the last update, mainly with school and life. Epsilon Eridani has always been for me a "learning project" for Source coding, and I've decided to resume work on EE, but this time using the Orange Box source code.

I'll be changing some weapons than the ones announced, I'm a coder not a modeler, so every model I'll include (for those too lazy to search if a model is in fact under the creative commons and would rather complain about stealing models...) will be under the CC License "free to redistribute" with appropriate credits.

I'm thinking of calling the mod for its first release Half-Life 2 : Epsilon Eridani, because the coding I'm implementing so far is "realism" coding. Think of this mod as "Episode 2 hard mode" or "Episode 2 realism mod".

Here's what I'm working on:

  • New and updated Iron sight system with FOV change and animation [coding done, bugs?]
  • Particle muzzle flash system for every weapon
  • Realistic simulated bullet system

Thanks, and stay tuned :)

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