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Playfield.Earth - The next steps and developments in 2018

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Dear PFE followers,

The first weeks of the year we were quite quiet. We had to gather a little bit and talked a lot about your response to Playfield Earth - especially to PFE / Urban Management - and thought about it.
It is nice to note that you have almost nothing to criticize about our ideas and concepts. This shows us that the long phase of designing (and playing other city builders ;-) ) was worthwhile and that we are on the right track.
If there was criticism, it was just the graphic, but we know that the current status is only a first, temporary approach.
Furthermore, some users find that the Playfield.Earth vision seems too complex and too difficult to understand. Precisely because of the second point, we have decided to realign and compress our project.

In the future, we will only concentrate on gameplays and game mechanisms that are localized in urban spaces, for example big cities, small towns, metropolitan regions and also villages.
The previous PFE / Urban Management gameplays will thus be even more central to our overall idea.
Play your City "will be the central theme and our gaming platform should become the No. 1 choice if a realistic urban environment is important when playing video games.
There will be so much more synergies in terms of game design and technology that a wide range of gameplays will be available much faster.

For the first quarter of 2018, we will concentrate on the realignment.
Unfortunately, the graphics system is still a construction site, but it should be finished in May. By the 2nd quarter of 2018, the first playable prototypes and demos will also be available. Until then, we will have prepared a campaign to finance our project, because the current status, where each of us is working full time, slows down everything.

I hope the small update, the future strategy and the upcoming milestones in our development will show you that it's progressing. Be still curious. :-) To avoid missing any news, just follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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