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Here is the result of the little vote for the next packs.

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Thanks to dbzfan254 now I got the extractor. Just have to find a way to make it work with my pc...

Here is the results:

Full packs:

1-The Republic Pack - 6 votes.

I'm gonna start workin on this pack this week so you'll see some pictures soon ;) I think this is gonna be a big pack as I have tons of models for this pack.

2-The Empire Pack - 2 Votes.

I'll start working on this when the KOTOR I and II Addon is gonna be released.

3-The CIS Pack - 0 Votes.


1-KOTOR I and II Addon:

I'll start Working on this addon when The Republic is gonna be released.

2-Hoth Rebel Packs:

Gonna be start after the Empire Pack release.

3-Black Core lightsabers:

Last release before a new vote.

I'm gonna post a news with everything I plan to include in the Republic Pack with the advancement of each things, like I did for the Jedi/Sith Pack.

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