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Whaaa? So basically CCP was saying that e != mc2 .

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We have all seen it....CCP's wonderful method of restricting modules by giving them a ridiculous fitting requirement coupled with a massive fitting cost reduction on the intended ship, and a description saying that the said ship has electronic subsystems to compensate for the energy needed. Whaaa? So basically CCP was saying that e != mc2 .

Apocrypha Roles Along
With the advent of t3 ships, they suddenly decided that this system is truly pathetic. So, they replaced such modules with a nice little modifier like so....

Finally they got smart enough to limit ship fittings. This means that first of all you can no longer potentially defeat a module using boosts to powergrid. Here is a good example, a long time ago EFT told me I can fit a strip miner on a titan with a lot of boosts, now I cannot.

So, I think CCP has really corrected this in Apocrypha. Restricting the fittings instead of letting a ship with 80 powergrid fit an 800000 GJ module is certainly a good idea. Thank you CCP. I am writing this to thank CCP and bring this to the attention of those who may not have noticed.

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