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Response to comments and Cryengine. Response to comments and Cryengine.

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Dear Community,
I will be giving you this update as Jedjtl is currently repairing his
computer. We initially started this page in hopes of gaining the help
and support of fellow modders and for a while it seemed to be working.
However, Jedjtl contacted all team members a while ago and has not
received a reply for a very long time. Even before this Skyrim’s aging
engine has proved difficult to work with on such a large scale. Despite
this Jedjtl has made some amazing breakthroughs working past various
issues. It has also proved difficult to coordinate with team members as
it seems most did not have the time or patience to get better organized
when Jedjtl asked for them to sign up for Dark Creations or to wait when
Jedjtl was having issues getting the map working. A couple team members
also did stuff without listening to instructions requiring Jedjtl to go
back and fix their mistakes. It has gotten to point where Jedjtl and I
think that it may be simpler to just work without a team or least a
smaller one with members in it for the long haul.
We also started the page we because we thought it would be interesting
for our community to watch the mod grow from start to finish. However,
lately it has mostly been used to hound our team to work faster. For
starters we are in fact modders who take time from our lives to work on
something we are not paid for and never will be paid for. We do this
because we are passionate about what we do. All by himself Jedjtl has
made amazing progress in about a year when it took Bethesda, a team of
200, 4 years to make Skyrim. We know that the impatience is at least
partly from a desire to play what we have been working and it is
somewhat understandable as we also wish to see it done. Perhaps you
should consider that the reason why it takes so long for large mods
maybe that everyone complains about the waiting and the team gets
All of this may make you wonder about the future of the mod. Let me put
some of our more loyal followers at ease. We are still committed to the
mod! However, Jedjtl and I have been discussing a switch from Skyrim’s
ck to Cryengine, especially after the reveal of Kingdom Come
Deliverance. Warhorse Studios has declared its intent to make its tools
available to the community and we feel that everything will go a lot
smoother in Cryengine as it is far more user friendly and up to date.
However, this is not final as we are waiting for the release of
aforementioned tools before making a final decision, so the mod may
still be made in Skyrim’s engine.
In conclusion I would like to thank some of you for your patience and
others I would ask that you acquire some or start helping.


I understand what you are saying here! And I think most people just don't understand how much work it is to build such a thing! If there you guys need any help, I'll give my best shot! I'm not a modder but can help you with voice acting or writing scripts for Quests!

Keep up the good work (and maybe just give a small update per week to keep the crowd know you are still working your buts off :D)

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I wish you guys the best and take as much time as you guys need. I took a coding class and though it was not my cup of tea, I now know how hard it is to work in coding for these projects. Can't wait to play it whether it's a month from now or a year.

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I still believe that everything would be moving along quicker with better organization. As for switching to being a mod for KCD. That's not a bad idea but obviously that could change depending on when KCD comes out. Of course if you intend to switch to KCD you will have to put aside certain engine specific tasks.

Also when you mentioned CryEngine I thought you were going to make a stand alone game and was close to stating 'that such an idea would be rather crazy for a mod but if you really wanted to do that CryEngine would not have been the best choice.'

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As long as the mod isn't cancelled... Phew!

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Finally, I couldnt figure out what in the world happened with Jed for this time. I registered on Dark Creations long time ago, but I lost my contact with Jed directly after it.
I didnt want to waste any time, so I`ve started making this mod:
I`ll be glad to join you again as a level designer. So, if you need me to design the landscape for the part of the map, contact me on dark creations or here on moddb, because I actually cant start working on your mod without a cooperation.
Anyway I wish this mod would be finished, with or without my help

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I say switch! Implementing an RPG with an engine that Deliverance uses with the similar designs and functions but an George R. Martin lore would be better than trying to duke it out with the Skyrim Engine.

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TheRealSPQRLegate Author

Well we'll see what happens. One downside to switching is that Cryengine is subscription so that would probably limit team members.

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Working with something like CE3 or UE4 directly without another game in the way will make WiC a standalone game instead of just a mod. But if you chose to do that, I wouldn't recommend making WiC a game, but if you do than I would recommend UE4. I got a year's worth of a subscription for free thanks to a student program they had going with Github.

Also while CE3 seems to require the monthly subscription UE4 only needs the monthly subscription if you want to stay up to date with their latest engine version which they release every month. Basically for just 20bucks you gain full access to a version of the engine that you can use for as long as you wish.

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TheRealSPQRLegate Author

Jedjtl and I agree, WiC being a stand alone ftp game skirts to close to copyright issues for comfort. So if Kingdom Come Deliverance does not work out then we will probably just stick with Skyrim or take another route. We'll see how things play out.

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I'm back, and ready to work ! :) I also "abandonned" the mod because Jed wasn't around, and when I went on the forum they told me there was no such mod on it :D But now that you replied to my PM, RealSPQRLegate, I'm glad to know that I can actually participate in the development of the mod

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