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This is RNB PreAlpha 0.2.7 release information.

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RNB PreAlpha 0.2.7 Change log:

Main Added: Jilin Self-Defence Army (JSDA)

History Background:

The Jilin Self-Defence Army was an anti-Japanese volunteer army formed to defend local Chinese residents against the Japanese invasion of northeast China. (Wikipedia)

History Leaders:

Li Du

Li Du (1880-1956)

347px Ding Chao

Ding Chao (1883-1950s)

416px Feng Zhanhai

Feng Zhanhai (1899-1963)

Change log:

  • Add Jilin Self-Defence Army (JSDA)
  • Decrease the accuracy for rifles and pistols
  • Add some new sub machine gun sounds and decrease the volume of sound
  • Add New Map - San JianFang Railyway Station
  • Fixup some translations
  • Add Feng Zhanhai's Commander Flag


RNB PreAlpha 0.2.8 Change log:

  • Fix the agent can't move when press "J" for HMG
  • Fix the cannon can't use
  • Fix the missing textures
  • Use new pistol and musket animation (thanks Woeski_The_Husky)
  • Add 4 new music:
    • Song of Guang Xi Army
    • Song of NRA 74th Army
    • Anthem Of Whampoa Academy
    • Song of Eight Hundred Heroes
  • Fix the HMG bullet collide with ground became cartiage box

Something new in the next version:

  • IJA General Uniform

  • S.M.R. Police


Moddb Forum:

FSE Thread:

Taleworlds Thread:

Chinese Mount&Blade Forum Thread:

If you guys find any bugs, feel free to post them:

Bug Report Board:


PreAlpha 0.2.7

RNB PreAlpha 2.7

PreAlpha 0.2.8

RNB PreAlpha 2.7.1

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