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This is RNB PreAlpha 0.2.5 & 0.2.6 release information.

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RNB PreAlpha 0.2.5 Change log:

Japanese Army:

  • Add Japanese MP

  • Add Pseudo Army

Northeastern Army:

  • Add Northeastern Army Support solider
  • Add Northeastern Army Elite Rifleman
  • Add Northeastern Mounted Policeman
  • Add Northeastern Army Dadao Cavalryman


  • Add LiaoNing Type 13 rifle

  • Add Czech VZ24 Rifle

  • Add Czech ZH29 semi-auto rifle

  • Add Marshal Uniform for Pseudo Army

  • Add Asian woman face


  • Change HMG Deploy Method - Use Right-Mouse Button to deploy
  • Fix troop hair

Some screenshots:

  • Outposts:

  • The railway:

RNB PreAlpha 0.2.6 Change log:

  • Add Commander Battle bot

You can lead your squad fight against the AI troopers in Commander Battle, all you need to do is Check the "Enable Fight Against AI" option in commander battle mode before you start your server.


Moddb Forum:

FSE Thread:

Taleworlds Thread:

Chinese Mount&Blade Forum Thread:

If you guys find any bugs, feel free to post them:

Bug Report Board:


RNB PreAlpha 0.2.5

RNB PreAlpha 2.5

RNB PreAlpha 0.2.6

RNB PreAlpha 2.6

Resistance at Nenjiang Bridge: 1931

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