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Resident Evil Valiant Devblog about Finishing the Mod for Release and the Hireing of a Payd Coder.

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Hello, Welcome to the new Devblog about Resident Evil Valiant.

Firstly Good News we have New Zombie Models implemented (Worker, Casual, Policeman, Hospital and more) sponsored by L4D1

Secondly, we have a few new Models and NPC like "The Survivor" or the Final Boss Albert Wesker (screen is older without weapon)

This is our Upcoming Levelselect for the Survival Maptype, so once a Map ends you get send there and can rejoin the next one.

Then i also did my First Coding ever and managed to (bugfree to my proudness) Implement a new Weapon because... what would Resident Evil be without a Minigun? (hands not final)

Now what do we look for?


Were looking for a small-pay coder (max 50€/$) to help us implement a System for Removing Body parts like on BrandBread of Brutal Half Life that implements when you shoot a NPC you can shoot off Arms/Legs/Head and it produces blood (Basically a BHL style system)

Closing into Beta Release :=)


Looking at the minigun I can guess the game isn't about survival horror?

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Heffernan Author

it is, its just for finishing the game that you can replay with it like in the orinigal Resident Evil, probably wont be available in survival mode.

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Resident Evil 2 and 3 have Minigun and still count as Survival Horror. :-/

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