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Research and Development: Unit Balancing and Battle Gameplay

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Research and Development: Unit Balancing and Battle Gameplay


-AP for lance charges

-Low charge distance for light cav=25-30, 45-50 for heavy cav

-camels will have slightly less defense than horses because of their long necks/large bodies making them easier targets?


-What should the charge distance be for infantry?

-attack charge bonus, 1-5

-Armour, 0-5


-can't be made to attack gates?


-Reload Speed for guns...

-Range for artillery...

-Javelin throw distance...45-55?

-Unlike Recurve bows and handguns, Indian Longbows will not be affected by rain



Great work, and thanks for your efforts.

Just tried the new patch, here are some suggestions:

1. How about we simplify the Mughal roster a bit. Essentially create 2 medium horse archer/melee cavalry named as Chagatai/Mughalia Qurchi and a lesser variant called simply as Qurchi, and make 2 sets of Qazzaki (one Turani and other Mughalistani). And finally add a very cheap light horse archer called Ghazi/Akinci horse archr, which is a lesser quality variant of the Qazzaki.

2. While the Mughal Bodyguard the Keshik had barding and armor, it should be as fast as medium cavalry and should be an elite horse archer/melee cavalry much like a Qizilbash. Horse archery was central to the Turco Mongol cavalry.

Note: Qizilbash, Mughal Keshik and Qurchi, all are similar units because they are all have common Turco-Mongol heritage of being elite regulars since the days of Timr. For Example the chief commander of cavalry in Safavid Iran was called Qurchibashi (Commander of the Qurchi)

3. light cavalry need slight reduction in melee stats in their secondary weapons, they are too strong right now. Light cavalry needs to be master of hit and run, delaying and flanking/ambushing, not a faster alternative to medium cav.

4. Purabiya and Bengal Medium/Light Cavalry should not have hardy trait, save for certain groups like Tomars, Ujjaini Rajputs and Pashtuns, there were no good cavalrymen in eastern India.

Will check more and let you know.

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Shouldn't the Portuguese Knights have more armor than just 10? Thats equal to many of the Medium cavalry in the game, when I think it should be much higher, we are talking full plate here. The unit is expensive and you wont have more than a couple at a time, I feel it needs a little buff to give the Portuguese something unique.

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KingKorgoth Author

You're correct, but, the 'overall' defense rating of the medium cavalry is around 10, their actual armor level is never over 3, the Portuguese knights have armor level of 6 with an overall defense rating of 14 (at least in the current version, the file on moddb hasnt been updated in a bit)

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