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Research and Development: Campaign Gameplay and Mechanics, supply system etc

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Campaign Mechanics

//Bankruptcy, Not yet implemented
-Most mercenary and 'paid' soldiers will disband upon multi-turn bankruptcy, this will happen in different stages, -2500-3000 and most traditional mercenaries will leave, and 5000-6000 most other units will leave, units with xp chevrons are less likely to desert

//Sapping, Not yet implemented
Sapping as a form of siege warfare was common in Indian warfare
-All Artillery, except ballista's will allow the army to build a 'sapping point' as siege equipment, costing 1,000 gold and 2 turns to complete
Example provided below, with general traits instead of unit ability

///Supply System, Not yet implemented
Supply was very important in Indian warfare and many important campaigns were cut short due to a lack thereof
-A Modified form of the Blood, Broads, & Bastards! v4.0 submod is used to simulate a supply system
-Turns in enemy territory will deplete general's supply decreasing movement points and army morale
-Armies with mostly cavalry will be less affected by this
-'Camping' in enemy territory and causing devastation will re-supply the army, as will decisively winning battles against the enemy
-This can be overcome by switching general's and a 'no supply' submod will be release for people who want a more vanilla experience

///The Seasons, Not yet implemented
=During the monsoon season/summer, Southern armies receive large movement and morale penalty
-and, if possible, many of the river crossings will disappear
-floods may cause settlement and army damage
=During the dry season/winter, Northern armies receive large movement and morale penalty

//Famines, Not yet implemented

///Disease Outbreaks, Not yet implemented
-Large Armies in enemy territory or besieged armies have a chance for a disease outbreak (Cholera/Malaria) causing lowering of movement/morale/and attrition
-Large Armies and Armies in wet areas are more prone to outbreaks



Maybe open a page for discussions on campaign missions

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KingKorgoth Author

KrishnaCN For now post to the 'Historical Events' Article, there's not much there right now but I'll update it soon

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