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Good morning, more news today. Yes, I do not post anything here,but that does not mean that there is nothing. I post, but still rarely in my group. At most a couple of screenshots. But I can say with confidence that the demo of the mod is almost ready. There are just a couple of strokes left

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As I said, the demo is almost ready. Yes, it is strange to write about the demo, and pay so much attention to it. Well.
The demo will be released soon. The cards are ready,the enemies are ready, it's up to the voice acting. But there is one " BUT"

there will be no English voice acting yet, I have no friends. and those who are busy. So for now, subtitles will be waiting for you.

- Helmet-Hood
- dropout of the magazine: a) when there are still ammo in the store; b) when empty

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