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Hello everyone that follows us! Its been a long time since some updates were made for modification...

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Hello everyone that follows us!
Its been a long time since some updates were made for modification
We have lost the memories,as our friends and modification nearly deceased
But,after a second spark hit the inspiration,we pushed more

Today we have a final Official response for Pre-Alpha release: October 2015

Modification is RAW,its not in final official release and it might be changed
Content showed in trailer now is outdated,and has some replacements

Here are some reasons why the release is moved in October,not released instantly:

  • Content is not fully made for release
  • Changes are required in Modification,so it could run properly
  • Beta-testing: The modification will pass a beta testing to be sure its running well
  • Patches: We encounter problems with some changes in Mod Core,so release its not tented to be in September.

A fast Q/A for the public:

Q: Why there was so much inactivity?
A: Everybody ran away from helping and only some persons where to help in modification

Q: What happened to modification?
A: Files were corrupted and lost by the time,which required a restore

Q: Release? Why October and how the game will be?
A: October due to some technical and physical problems. Game Status - Pre-alpha Build

Q: What will happen after the Pre-Alpha release?
A: After necesary gained information about the game,we will upgrade the modification

Q: When the Full Version (V1) will arrive?
A: Estimated time of Arrival of Full Version: December 2015 / February 2016

That was everything about the modification status.
Any major edits/updates made to modification,will be featured in a news post
Please follow modification to get more news.
Thank you for following us and see you next time


good :D

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Hope it will have somethink new :)

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Need to blow the dust out from my CD

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