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enclosed inside is a hard copy of reports concerning recent developments in the deadulas system that may be of some concern from Admiral Zhou

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Look im not one for pleasentries so ill get to the point over the past weeks we've had series of developments in the Deadulus Cluster. The problems started about a week ago when one of our task groups responded to a distress beacon in the XY-356 system, which other then this incident has been of little intrest. The Taskgroup did manage to send back an image which i have only been able to get to you on hard copy as Earth security Bureau keep censoring them. well fuck them they dont have authority over the T.E.F anyway ill get on with it. Reports from another two task groups have gone dark and up until about three days ago i would have written it off as heavy bandit activity that was until the TSS Defiance an Aurora class super carrier stopped transmitting. This is serious no band of rebles or raiders could take one of them down its somthing big. not only that but we have reported a massive build up of eldar ships in the nearby sectors. Estimates put the toal fleet at almost 350 ships strong and have spoted as meny as 10 Ultimus class ships. This is not a raiding party either they are gearing up to launch a devestating attack into our system or somthing else is going on. I would like to request that the 3rd armarda be sent into the system with free fire orders and that all milita in the out system be put on full alert somthing is going on out there and im worried we may not be able to hold it back if we w8 to long.

update Urgent

the 3rd armarda alone does not seem like it will be able to hold them off as of this morning when advance scouts spotted a huge cyber force moving in seems about 15 heralds have pulled together and a huge cyber fleet is now en route, i am requesting that elements of the 2nd and 7th Armarda be pulled from current deployments to reienforce us here. So far however casualties have been low as eldar seem to be avoiding us as much as possible and recent engaments with the unknown enemies have been few and far between though they always result in the destruction of the task force. I am not willing to risk anymore super carriers out there so for the time they will remain at Causlton. I would also like to thank you for sending those Zeus protypes our way the TSS Everest and the TSS Fuji have been a a massive boost to morale even if they arnt taking part in direct combat yet.

Incoming Transmishion


Mayday Maday! this is the TSS Everest shields are down and we are taki- *static*

Target that enemy ship give it everything we've got. *static* what the hell was th- *Static*

This is Captain Cal the capitol is under heavy ground attack where the hell is our support!

*confused chatter*


This is Admiral *static* Caulston is under attack we are getting slaughtered *static* Requesting support i repeat we need support *static*

Sir missles inbound


Their through the shields *distant explosions. Static*

*cough* the hull is damaged sir *static*

I repeat the 3rd Armarda is in trouble we need reinforcements the situation is critical. Oh shit everyone get off the ship now get to the *static*

*Transmishions cease*

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