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Ah, there we go.

Good day, fine citizens of the Imperium! As you might have seen, Eeevil has been creating quite a few models, and learning how to do so better and better. They're looking good, and will be polished further as he learns more. On the subject of learning, I have some very good news (followed up by some mediocre news) for our fans. Things are finally looking back on track, and it is thus that I am enrolling in a course for an "Advanced Diploma in Professional Game Development (Art)". What this means is that I will (hopefully) begin an intensive, squish-a-year-into-6-months part of a two year (1 and a half for me) course in July for 3D modeling, animating, concept art, texturing, and all things artistic!

But wait, that's just part 1 of the very good news, as my best mate (who has stood by my side since I was 7 years old) is learning how to program at this same school, and will be GLaDOS* to help the team. But wait, there's more! After going to the institute with him to more or less have a tour, I've already found at least 2 willing team members from the course, both being pretty darn good at their work. Lastly, I am allowed to make work for this indie IN CLASS, and be fully marked on it. How awesome!

Now, for the mediocre news. I still have my interview to attend to (which is likely to be a pass as I've already met the teacher and, well, this ModDB page can serve as a lot to pad a resumé) before I am sent a letter of acceptance. The other news is that I will need to defer the course for a year as I am travelling to the UK and living there for around 6-8 months.

Although it may take some time, I think that the worst of the Warp Storms are over, so let's get a rebuildin'! Also, a thanks to all the players who wished us well in the last update.

*said best friend made me do it, he likes Portal far too much to be healthy.

Thought for the Day: A logical argument must be dismissed with absolute conviction!


wow, in total that's exceptional news for the project! You guys have done a brilliant job so far, and I can only imagine it getting better from here, goodluck with the degree as well!

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Dreganius Author

I should add that I will be deferring for a year AFTER the six-month part of the course, and hopefully continuing the final second year in 2012 =]

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