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A very unfortunate series of uncontrollable events has led to what may seem to some as our demise.

Commissar Kiory has left the team during the time of the Comms lapse, many team members are no longer even checking our Developer's forums, family crises are affecting my own ability to even check my emails, and on top of all this, there are still problems with communication on my side.

So I would like to officially announce the (hopefully temporary) cease of development of the Indie.

Yes, you heard right, I said Indie. We have, or at least, had, officially decided to go off as our own Indie game using the UDK. However, as things now look as dark as ever. Our Valkyries are currently out of fuel, and we are grounded again. Hopefully, things will improve soon and we will be able to lift off the ground again. A few loyal members of the team still stick around waiting.

So please, if you are able to help us in any way and want to see this game (and its potential) come to fruition, send me an email at

If things get back on track, we will likely be creating a new ModDB page as we will be undergoing a renovation to the new, and in my opinion, better, Black Universe name, specifically thought up for when we did decide to go Indie.
In the mean time, the currently loyal Commanders and Techpriests of Imperium Studios (Our development Team's name) will continue with some work, although most will be kept in private until we have enough that is even worthy of show.

Thank you all for your watches and views, and most of all for your support.

Emperor Protects.


Sorry to hear that you are having problems man, hope you can make it up in both the game and your life.

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Sad news, but good luck with real life.

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um so will this mod cost money if so SHHH@$(@&$*%

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Dreganius Author

Possibly, if necessary to release it. The only way it WOULD cost money is if Games Workshop more or less MADE us release it as a Retail game.

If not, and "G-dub" (GW - Games Workshop) have no problem with us releasing it as a simple Free Download-Play game, then it'll be fine.

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FYI, THQ has an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement (until 2013) for the 40k franchise, for consoles, Windows PCs, and wireless devices. Ultimately it would be up to them rather than GW.

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