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A 2-level demonstration of the puzzle engine is available.

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You may play a 2-level demonstration of Renkinjutsu's puzzle engine using microemulator (a Java-based mobile phone emulator suitable for testing J2ME applications). The demo is available at

The rules are simple:

  • Push the colored bottles onto books of the same color
  • Only one object may be pushed at a time
  • When all bottles are on their corresponding books, the level is complete

Use your arrow keys to move around, or use the emulator's keypad. Using the "Soft 1" button (to the left of the directional pad in the emulator) will reset the level in case you have painted yourself into a corner.

Also, so you know, we are currently working on a level pack to finish out the game. A title screen, graphical transition screens, sound effects, and other "finishing touches" will be an afterthought (if they are included at all). The aim of this project was to make a playable puzzle game with decent graphics while maintaining a miniscule file size.

Too many mobile games these days boast file sizes above 500k--and it's usually due to cruft like sound effects and visuals to detract from the player's realization that the game-play is substandard. The focus of Renkinjutsu is entirely on the underlying game itself, with baseline sprites to keep it from looking like a perpetual work-in-progress.

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