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We've been working and hard at it for the past week or so...

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All four of us have been working hard, programming, talking and what not and we've got some new ideas that may make your hunting experiences something new altogether.

My updates consist mainly of the renderer. I've been learning and experimenting on the fly with formats and OpenGL and I've managed to improve rendering performance by an insanely large amount. I've now got the engine in a position where it's ready to have animations tested and basically I'm stoked! My most exciting idea was the new water engine I proposed to the team, it consists of a much more efficient rendering method whilst looking 10x better than before. We hope to include reflections and refraction's along with particle effects and waterfalls to boot.

Kyle has been working on the AI system and from what I heard last time, he's been going quite well. He really can't do any solid work until the rendering engine has a test map and test AI resources but we are really glad he's onboard.

Tyler has been flitting about, he's the glue in the team, he has more C++ experience than me and quite frankly without his support I wouldn't have gotten us to where we are now.

Chris is working on all the tidbits that don't really relate to a set group, basically he makes fine-tunes and suggestions on ways to make things faster yet still do the same thing.

If you want to donate resources, don't hesitate to PM me here ^_^ we appreciate the assistance if any.

Well, thats all the info I can release for now, peace out ya'll.



I'm so excited !

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