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So, we've decided to start posting proper monthly updates. I'll try to write these up either on the last day of every month, or like this one, the day after. Sometimes life will create obstacles and thus I won't be able to, but don't worry, you'll get your updates.

Our work roster for each new month will also be posted at the end of the updates, so you can see what's coming up. We won't always get everything done, however. But the things in slot "1" of each category will be the priority of those undertaking them, etc.

Now, time for the update. This month has been rather slow, especially with people leaving. However, we've gotten some valuable new members on our team. I'd like to introduce the following members.
- Jonny5, a very valuable professional modeler. He'll be helping us in his spare time.
- Comrade Alexeo, our Terrain modeler, who has already created a large amount of valuable, low-poly terrain that just needs to be textured. Hell, we've almost got an entire street block!
- TeamWolf, who may be known by some others. He's a tester and public relations manager of the C&C Renegade Indie Mod, C&C Reborn, and he's part of Ren40k to create maps.

Welcome aboard. Mod production has skyrocketed thanks to these members, Eeevil, another developer who has stayed around, and myself. Let us drink syntha-hol and celebrate the Emperor's name!

In news of production, we now have the following items, mostly terrain:
Arcane Ruins
Armageddon-pattern Basilisk Cannon (for use with the Chimera chassis)
Heavy Stubber gun for use with Vehicles
House Ruins
Hydra Anti-Aircraft Platform
Phaeton Pattern Landing Pad
Ruins and Buildings of multiple types
Sabre Defence Platform (Man-able Hvy Stubber platform)
Tarantula Sentry Gun: Twin Lascannons
Temples and Shrines
Turrets: Battle Cannon / Twin Autocannon / Plasma Destroyer
Wall Sections

We'll be releasing un-textured mock-build images of these things soon.

Finally, the work roster for this coming month (July) is as follows.

1: Strategic Points element is being assessed, and discussion of Server-side or Client-side settings underway.
2: Drop-pod idea is going to be assessed and discussed.

1: Terrain construction is underway.
2: Rhino chassis to be built for use with all variants.
Extra: Chaos weapons to be made.

1: Most terrain and buildings are to be textured.
2: Weaponry to be textured.

1: 40k_Dayglass.mix - Our version of Hourglass.
2: A City map will be made.

1: The following weapons are READY to be rigged right now:
Lasgun, Lascannon, Bolt Pistol, Bolter, Hvy Bolter

So that's our plan!

Our job applications are still open!
3D Modelers
Level Designers

For applicants, both jobs require a portfolio of the work, knowledge of the applications required for them, and a passion for the Warhammer 40,000 universe is a big plus. Applications can be sent to:

Thanks for tuning in, have a great day!

Thought for the Day: No man died in His service that died in vain.

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