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My remembrance about one of the games I most played in PS1.

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GTA 2 was the game I most played in PS1, I played it every single day, GTA 2 jsut make my life better, simple like this. One thing I like on it was the camera, you could see you from up, there were many other awesome things to do like kill people until SWAT arrived, man I just laughed out loud, the sounds they made when they tryed to arrest me , they were just funny, I liked to send people to the sky ( literally) with the bazooka, man they only stopped at top of buildings! LOL, I also remember there was a button that made you fart and burp. A thing that let me pissed off was the green guys, oh yeah, like if you get a car, and stay close to guys with green shirt they just steal your car. You maybe can't believe me but I never saved the game, it's true, I played, died, played again, and died again, and for me, that doesn't let me upset, no, just let me "waked up" to be smarter next time. And I cheated a lot in that game, I used God Mode, Infinite Ammo and I just didn't care, I was a kid I didn't know cheat was bad. GTA 2 made my life happier and was an example that a game doesn't need good graphics.

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