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I am working on a remaster/redux (what ever you want to call it) for the mod

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Hello Final Revleations fans. I decided to remaster/redux (what ever word you prefer to use, some say it's a remaster, some say redux) the mod. Not many people still playing the game, and this is by far my best mod, but I got some new ideas, tried them out and, well I'm having fun with it, so why not :p.

The things I will change in the new version:

- Improved grammar. The extra_english file is huge, but fuck it, I will do a grammar check anyway

- Better shopping system. The bar will remain the same, but shops such as Alma's store will now let you pick what you want, instead of giving you random items

- More life in the village. A new merchant and a guard (with voice acting) will be in the village now, including more details and objects to make the village look less empty

- One of the voice actors will re-do his lines to make them better

- More details and better lightning in all chapters, if needed. I got better and better the more I progressed with this mod, but a few things here and there will be changed

- Changes with the morality system. New ways of getting a few points will be added, and the minimum requirement to get the best ending may be reduced slightly, since very few people were able to get the best ending

- Added a missing item to the entities (very minor and not important item, but still)

- Minor glitches fixed. After 3 updates, I thankfully don't have a lot of bugs to fix, but there are always new glitches and bugs showing up, so

- And probably more to come

When will it come out? No idea. I will take my time on it and try to make it perfect :).

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