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I will tell how is the progress of Stalker Remastered, as is all the work, as is our group, as this our day to day as well.

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Today 02/22/2015 day, we are working hard in the mod, Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl Remastered. I will say this as the mod progress, as this work, and all we are doing.
we open the map Escape the SDK, was the same as opening a bag of trash,
you could see that all the original maps have been done anyway, in the
rush to make money, Lost Mods had a difficult job to solve
problems of all maps, map Escape, we had to open it in Maya, and modify
at least a 32 invalid faces, a beautiful game like that, but done
anyway, Escape map is totally different, added a large forest
mutants, items to find, unique weapons, the military outpost, this
totally different, we added a battle tanks, more troops, in one of the
houses, made in an arsenal of weapons, where the food, ammunition for
them in
outpost on the bridge, he more realistic left, put a few more fallen
trains, and hung on the bridge, on the farm where the bad guys is, we
made it a big strong, with more villains, barriers for them to protect
themselves, and more,
everything in the dead, put a very enemy environment, when we open the
Dump map SDK, it was rubbish same, more than 43 invalid faces, the xrLC
compiler, does not show, but thanks to -Artyom, he developed a tool,
to show all invalid faces, also had scripts that did not use, had
places where it was to be inhabited and the GSC did not put NPC's.

Another map that gave us a lot of work, it was in the Military Warehouses, it was like you open a map Stalker Build 1935. We added our maps, one created by me and the other created by -Artyom, Border Zone and the other is called Cursed Field.
We are making a selection of images to drop in modDB, and also working
on the mod etamos the trailer, who is taking care of this is the

Animations corrected, were made by me, we are using a mod for
textures, Absolute Nature and Absolute Structures, made by CommCruac

Official Website:
We should be grateful for CommCruac for their incredible mods.
We will not modify the textures for the mod Stalker Shoc Remastered, we have no time, and no people to do it. So we will use both mods CommCruac, to change the environment, and textures.
we use another mod, made by Elli'stalkers, a mod for weapon
modifications, costumes, etc ... in mod Elli'stalkers, so he added a
mechanic, which is located in Bar, LostMods, added one in
Escape and the Military Warehouses, and correct some scripts that had errors.
Well, that's all I can inform you guys so far.
Soon we will release the pictures, I can not promise when we want to
profoundly change the game, and then release the trailer video, and
images of the mod.

LostMods Stalker (2014.2015)
I used the GoogleTradutor, let us know if you guys did not understand What do I wrote.

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