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Picking up from the first remake update, we continue to overhaul more sounds.

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Remake update #2

The last update was five months ago, beginning with the overhaul of the entire sounds in Far Cry. I came back again, and worked on it a little bit more. At the moment, I assume about 25% of the sounds have been replaced already.

here is the changelog for it for what was added in my current build


  • New system for ocean sounds. This includes for now:

1. Calm water flow sounds / at open sea

2. Shore crash sounds when at beach

3. Distant muffled waves when far away from the sea

  • New inland forest/jungle ambient sounds
  • New bush transition sounds when player walks through foliage


  • New rattle/gingle sounds for player when walking
  • New footsteps for metallic surfaces


  • New sounds for the MP5 and the Jackhammer.

quick summary for major stuff:

- Depending on where you are located on the island, you will experience a new set of sounds. If you are on the beach area, you will hear waves crashing on the shore mixed with water flow sounds you hear at open sea. If you begin to walk away from the beach into the inland, the water transition will start to fade, becoming quieter till eventually all you will hear is muffled, distant sounds of the water. And if you are very far away from any water source, no ocean sounds will play.

- Better, more HD sounds for jungle/forests. nothing much to say there. you can listen to it in the video I will link below.

this is the video showcasing all of the overhauls


Хорош, продолжай делать, выглядит пиздатенько)

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