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Thoughts and feelings about releasing our game. Dreams+ is an action-platformer that is releasing later this week on Windows.

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Early in May 2013, me and my brother started to develop what would be our first game. We released it at the end of summer and it was a totally amateur project. It never did much. It didn't look great. Everything was pretty darn amateur.


As we got better with using the program and putting everything together we decided to go back to our first game, Dreams, and overhaul it. We completely changed all of the graphics. Hired an outside hand to help us put together some snazzy background art and utilized the chance to score a new soundtrack. Everything fell together quickly and what we were left with was a much improved game. It had finally hit a point I was really proud of; it was a game I would actually buy if I saw it on a store.

The time has come again for release and we are currently awaiting approval from After we get on there we are going to try to get approved for Desura. After that I'm not sure where we'll look, but we will dig and find cool new sites that would have our game. The only greater feeling than finally finishing a massive creative project is seeing it pop up online. Even if it never gets any traction, it is amazing to know that it is there. A creative project for the world to see, even if they could care less.

It makes me happy to have made this game. It makes me happy whenever I accomplish anything creatively, to be honest. Thanks for reading. You can check out a demo if you want and if you like what you play, you are welcome to support us in a couple days when it goes live.

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