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Releasing some code as plugins for the world while I work on the game.

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So life has been cray. Doesnt mean this project is dead, just delayed some.

In the mean time I have decided to release some of the code I have worked tirelessly on as plugins. They are free to develop with and to use them in a public, or commercial product most are about 5 bucks. As I said though, you may download them from github and use them throughout all of your development cycle for free, with no limitation. Try it out, see if you like them at all and then if you want to use it in your game or what ever you make, just slip me some burger money.

There is another way by going the Patreon route which you can help support the plugin effort, and even drive the development by your donations.

Available Plugins:

Plugin System for
This project is setup to help kickstart building plugins.Locale Manager for

Registry Manager for
A simple tool to help save game information in a cleaner format, instead of the game object, that can be accessed anywhere in the game. Also supports saving the data to the localstorage, cookies, or to a RESTful API.

Locale Manager for
A simple tool to help manage various Locale data.

Selection Manager for unit selection using html/css/js. To be updated.

Tilemap Generator for
A really simple implementation of a perlin noise generator which allows nearly any generator to be used. Perlin Noise library came from Rye Terrell.

Plugins on the way:

Battle Manager
Turnbase, or Realtime battle system that handles the flow of combat.

Dialog Manager for
Dialog system that pulls scripts of dialog based on scripts.

Entity Manager for
Handles various styles of games: Platformer, Topdown, etc, and various types of entities PC, NPC, Vehicles, etc and provides reusable interactions: directional movement, jumping, attacking, etc.

Inventory Manager for
Complete inventory system that manages multiple inventories.Projectile Weapons for
Various types of projectile weapons.

Notification Manager for
HTML/CSS notification system.

Save Manager for
Handles saving/loading/deleting game states with using the Registry plugin.

Sprite Generator for
Generate sprites via a back end, as well as saving them via the Registry Plugin via Base64 and cache.

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