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Trying out this game's acceptance from the public. Looking out if it can do good or bad. Back again after long months gone, and came back to show this improvement over the last game.

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And my team and I are back with another game!

After long months of being silent, we’re now back with one game that we really put much work into compared to our past games. We made sure that we really improve ourselves this time and here’s the result.

Brief of plot:

Think Out Of The Box is game about you, a tester, who was hired by a scientist that you don’t know since you’re still not seeing even a glimpse of the scientist’s shadow. But all you know is that you have this job now. The scientist hired you to test the experiments that we’re created by the mind, but unfortunately during the testing period the scientist’s robot helpers went haywire and wreak havoc throughout the lab even hoping to get to the ground. You we’re kept though in a safe area first. Now the safe area will serve as your training ground on your way to learn the several of the experiments that were made, and use it to stop the robots from bringing more chaos.

Developer’s Notes:

As much as we put our hearts and time developing this game, we also put our hearts to the valuable feedback of those who’ll ever play our game. Every feedback means something to us, because feedback is what makes the quality of the next game we’ll ever make. So please, do leave a feedback if you happen to play this game.

Also note that this is a very early build so expect bugs (things that doesn’t seem right or to happen), If you do see one please leave a message or a comment in the game’s page.

Looking for potential:

This is just a demo of the full game that we’re planning to make. We did this in hopes of getting feedback from the players and if its good then we’ll continue it, if not then move on to a next game or just kill ourselves (I guess?). Anyways long story short, if it’s good there’s a high chance this will become a full game, but if not then meh.

Gameplay trailer:

Easy game download here:

Think Out Of The Box - v1.04b DEMO

Final Thoughts:

Alright! I guess that pretty much covers the things that we want to say for this release!
If you’ve read through all of this then thank you. If not, then still thank you for taking time to even click this news.

Happy gaming!


im gonna download this game

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