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Biodrone Battle has been released and updated to version 1.0.3

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Biodrone Battle is now available from and IndieGameStand and will be published on Desura on April, 30th.

Anybody interested in doing a review or Let's Play video before the Desura release, just get in contact to get a free promo key. Please add a link to your channel/site.

Yes, the game is a spiritual successor of the famous Commodore 64 game Paradroid.

About the latest updates:

  • A new nice background sound track has been added.
  • Particles rendering has been tweaked for performance
  • Greenlight is waiting for YOUR vote !

Various tips:

You can choose between three different graphics sizes: small, medium and large. For smaller monitor resolutions, playing with "small" gives a better overview.

You can place the HUD on the left or right screen border to save vertical space on typical modern wide screen monitors.

The drone stealth mode is a useful feature to get unnoticed by other drones - as long as they don't bump into you.
It is not possible to shoot while in stealth mode. First, the drone needs to to move again.

Keep different drone types in your morph container. Switch between them by pressing "1", "2" or "3"

Watch the morph time of your current morphed drone. This is shown as timer at the upper right screen, and also as power bar color on top of the drone (coloring from green to red).

Avoid messing with groups of hostile drones.

Your drone's radar point indicates the nearest hostile drone. If it does not work, there is a communicator nearby that disturbs your radar.

Morph energy is a limited resource. Don't waste it.

You can get drone information by pointing on a drone and pressing the query key "Q"

Be sure to check out the drone cheat sheet:

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