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The game is out. You can download the demo on the download section. And for additional info check the developers and the game website.

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The game is ready. Vitris-47 calls. Over the next weeks i will try to add it to desura since it takes some time for the admins to accept stuff and all that. For now if you wish to buy the game you can get direct from the developer at

A piece of a review from follows: wrote: Gare combines the aesthetics of Tron, the gameplay of the venerable arena shooter genre, the mazes of Berserk and those Mechs everyone seems to be so fond of in one lovely action game definitely worth your time. Gare, you see, detailed wireframe visuals and atmospheric soundtrack aside, is a most addictive game with some simple yet satisfying upgrade mechanics...

Thanks for your time. And i hope you enjoy the game.

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