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Hi, guys! The realease will be on 27th September, h because some problems. were sry.. The Beta V1 will contain three (Yes only three, sorry for that) levels. First level will be in the VenonBase! Second level will be in a Goa'uld hatak. Third level... Well, i won't tell you yet!

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Hey Guys! Were so sorry but we have to move the Realease date from the 20th to the 27th September.
But we have good news, too after SGROG we'll make a stargate
flight game: you can fly alkeshs,teltaks,hataks,f302 .

You can see that in our SGROG beta (last level).
Also we're on a Venon-Base dialing Sequencer (nearly ready) who simulates the venon-base dilaing computer. You can dial the gate, send teams through, activate alert (code9...)

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