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The new version is out containing many changes to balnace the Seed and add new abilities to orcs and humans to deal with the Seed.

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Removed Seed
New terrain - 8 players, room for 9
build speed research upgrade for human
naval no longer have fortified armor
Hammer of Thor is unique cast and onger causes desyncs
Air units now correctly require tech 3 structures
added space in Final Blow tooltip
Bowmaster tooltip fixed
20% attack damage reuction to all units across the board: goal is to make combat last longer
Big Bad Voodoo no longer affects mechanical units
New Orc unit: Durnholde Warrior at Outpost
New Human Unit: Purifier at Mage Tower, and Salvation Tower
Revival now requires 300 mana
Crypt Lord replaces Pitlord at Tavern
50 move speed increase to all non-naval and non-summoned units
Flying Machine and Zeppelin can see significantly farther
Split buildings between workers for each race
Significant AI improvements

Eye of Killrogg can no longer be targeted by ground units and selection circle shows on water
Hearty Web is now 75% transparent and actually increases healing percentage at level 2
Broodlines description now correctly shows 20x range
Stalker model size decreased
Seed AI now now longer shoots itself in the foot overusing burrow
Nasty bug with progenerate fixed
AI heroes now level correclty
Suggested player field updated
Pulverize, Command Aura, Spell Feedback now shows levels in tooltip
How the AI is created, named, and deals with hero revival made more efficient
added Altars back to Orcs and Humans
Altar of Storms (ogre upgrade structure) renamed to Altar of Blood
Fixed Ogre upgrades button positions
Replaced Far Sight with Track
remade AI
increased Hunter hp by 200

Return Resources button for Seed fixed
Bile Pit build description fixed
unexpected charge no longer shows death knight
Mariner selection circle shows on water
fixed neutral hostile point values that Extrude uses to calculate lumber
removed BloodBath and replaced with Pulse
nerfed stalker substantially
increased Hulsk cost and lowered hp by 200
Corrosive Microbes now affects mechanical units and structures
decreased Dragoon hp by 100
Fixed Cleansing Fire
Dragon and Gryphon rider cost 200 gold less
added Warbird and Batrider
added Sanctuary to Inquisitor(Apprentice) and Dark Summoning to Necrolyte
Dragoon damage rediced to 11 from 14
All human and orc units and buildings have +3 to base armor
poison sting buff fixed
beast damage reduced to 7 from 10
Unexpected Charge now costs mana
fixed Bile Pit movement
Entangle no longer attacks air units
Reactive Traits now affects Bleed
Harvester now has flesh instead of ethereal armor

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