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This Mod aims to enhance the vanilla game. Changes: OGSR Engine 64 bit 2.1.3 Photo realistic zone 2.1 Stalker weather overhaul 3.1 Stalker SoC HD Models Original weapons renewal 3 Ambient, nature, material and weapon sounds.

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Updated Engine to OGSR 2.1.63!

Changelog -

  • Textures on the DX10-11 are now loaded only in video memory (if possible) and are not duplicated in RAM. The consumption of RAM due to this is significantly reduced.
  • FXAA replaced by SMAA (cons. Team r_aa_mode)
  • Several new types of scaffolds (cons. Team r_sunshafts_mode)
  • Updated water shader.
  • Fixed an ancient OGSR bug with dogs that could hang in a calm state.
  • NVD now retains its state when save save. And in general, I fixed all the problems with NVD that I met.
  • The lag was removed when showing the Journal / Encyclopedia / History.
  • Support for sorting articles in an encyclopedia. In any section where there are articles with the attribute sort="1", all articles
    will be sorted alphabetically. For instance:
< article  id = " enc_amk_recipt_electra_dikoobraz "  name = " af_dik_2 "  group = " enc_recipts "  sort = " 1 " >
  • The number of messages in the PDA that will be saved and displayed in the PDA can be configured in the actor section:
news_to_show = 500 ; How many messages to keep in PDA



I also forgot to disable g_unlimitedammo and g_god before uploading. This was used to test some particle fx. To disable it you can either go into user.ltx and find g_unlimitedammo on and change to off or in game press ` to open command prompt and type "g_unlimitedammo off" then press enter and it will disable. You can also do thhe same for g_god in user.ltx or by entering the command g_god off sorry about thhis guys.


Small update includes optional weathers.

SWO 3.1

SWTC Silver

Before using you should know thhese weathhers cause a lighting issue when using r2.5 r3 and r4. I' sure it's an engine flaw since this issue persists on SoC Remaster and Memories of Thhe Zone whichh all use OGSR engine. The lighting bug causes sun light to come through some objects or even random shafts of light going through buildings.


This mod aims to keep the vanilla aspects of the game while improving upon the visuals.

This mod uses OGSR Engine 2.1.3!

I do not take any credit for any of the textures, meshes or sounds.

How to install

1. Copy bin_x64 and gamedata to the root of shadow of chernobyl.
2. Open bin_x64 and create a shortcut of xrengine.exe.
3. Open properties of xrengine.exe shortcut and add" -steam".
a) Example of target "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Soc Remaster Ciaran Edition\bin_x64\xrEngine.exe" -steam 4. Remember to use my user.ltx for improved visuals and make sure to read the readme! 5. Have fun!

Credits -
HD Models Adoon - MrStalkerHacker
Original Weapons Renewal 3 - weapon model author textures author

Abakan Corvalho Rafael De Jongh
AKS-74 Mr.Rifleman Mr.Rifleman
AKS-74U Insurgency 2 r_populik
Beretta unknown r_populik
Binoculars SAM61 r_populik
BM-16 SAM61 Millenia
Colt 1911 Freefall r_populik
Desert Eagle Toasty Fresh r_populik
FN-2000 Ankalar Teh Snake
Fort unknown unknown
Fort m1 GSC Teh Snake
G36 maxivz Millenia
grenades SAM61 IIacTyX
Groza 1ns1debeast r_populik
HP Mr.Rifleman r_populik
knife Mr.Rifleman Mr.Rifleman
L85 tigg r_populik
M4 Sephiris Agent95
mp5 arby26 r_populik
pm SAM61 IIacTyX
pb SAM61 Millenia
rg-6 GSC r_populik
rpg-7 unknown unknown
sig p220 SAM61 r_populik
sig sg550 Thanez Thanez
spas-12 BF4 BF4
svd eprdox eprdox
svu sarvs Millenia
toz34 SAM61 r_populik
usp45 syncing Crash
val SAM61 Millenia
vintorez SAM61 r_populik
walther Afterburner NCFurious
mossberg An Aggressive Napkin/Thanez r_populik
acog Thanez Thanez
kobra Lama r_populik
gp25 Heffy r_populik
m203 tigg r_populik
pbs4 Millenia Millenia
pks-07 geoset r_populik
pso tigg r_populik
rail r_populik r_populik
silencers r_populik r_populik
m4 sight r_populik r_populik
susat unknown r_populik
shell yogensia yogensia
vog25 Heffy Heffy
9mm bullet r_populik r_populik
Magnum44 BF4 BF4
SW38 BF Hardline BF Hardline
Raging Bull Defuse r_populik
AKM Frimenitnet Frimenitnet

SOUNDS: Nightmare Mutant, Navarro, Strelok, COP Sound Remake Mod and probably some others I cant remember\I don't know

ANIMATIONS: Strifer, Kopter, Ilopn, Soldier11, KingFriday, Mr.Brightside and probably some others I cant remember\I don't know
OGSR Engine 2.1.3 (64bit engine) - OGSR Team
Photo Realistic Zone 2.1 - LoNer1, Cromm Crauc, Argus, BAC9-FLCL
Stalker Weather Overhaul 3.1 - <imperialreing> - testing, promo, addons nandersen - main coding, testing mr. fussion - coding, feedback trojanuch - weather tweaking, sky retexturing, desing
Levels - Ceasar.

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