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Spooky Heroes reached its release version ! A lot has been added and corrected !

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Hi everybody !

With a last push, Spooky Heroes reached a release version !

A lot has been added :

- Bug corrections
- 3 new stages : Desert 1, 2 and 3
- 1 new village
- 2 new enemies : Crusader & Zealot
- 3 new boss : Baby Djinn, Walleye and the secret last boss
- 3 new items : Lava potion, Revive Potion and Poison potion
- Mobs spawn is now random
- Rift now randomly spawns, blocking the player progression until defeated. Rifts summons enemies until destroyed.
- Boulders now randomly fall from the ceiling
- More than 15 new quests
- 3 new survival maps
- New traps : lava and lava geysers

Here are some captures :

User Posted Image
User Posted Image

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