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Hello everyone! Today we have some interesting news for you to read...

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Hello everyone!
Today we have some interesting news for you
The start of the year was a hard one due to technical and personal problems
Although it affected the release schedules,we are still here

1. Release of V1.5

Since the last release of Fade to Black,many features of modification broke
We couldn't continue any further with V2.0 Version due to these problems
With so,our mission was to create a much more stable version for Project Zombie Strike 2014
Thank you for providing patience and waiting for the V1.5 release
You can download and see by yourself the changes we introduces in-game:

2. The End of Online Launcher

Since the creator of Battlefield 2 Launcher went missing,we cant update the Launcher to latest Version
With so,the Launcher version is now officially dropped from development list
Our modification still supports the Revive Battlefield 2 and LAN/COOP Features via Dedicated Server
Many attempts where made to contact Neo82,but sadly no response was waiting us
Severing the ties was a really though decision,but its crucial for the modification to advance

If you want to play the Battlefield 2 Launcher (from Addon Section) you must install Legacy Times DLC
That is the last version supported by the running servers

3. Future Content

As promised in the past updates,a V2.0 is planned to release this year
Its unknown how much time will pass until release.It might be 2 months,maybe even more
Along with this,a special 3rd DLC with a cliff-hanger and turn-over will release!
We cant offer any details more related to this due to lack content
Although,we can reveal the name: Project Zombie Strike 2014 Betrayal Complex
You already guessed what kind of events will happen in future?

Thank you for reading this exciting news!
We cant wait to release much more promising content this year
More information will come later within the news section
Zombie Strike

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